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      Do you know the structure characteristics of pulse single machine dust collector?

      The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:600  Date of Issue:2021-11-19

      Due to the volume of a single pulse dust collector is relatively smaller, in the use of the installation process can be more save installation area, and can improve on the efficiency, the key is that it can make more good dust removal effect, widely used in various kinds of metallurgical industry used for air purification treatment or is achieve more effective role in recovery of useful material.

      Single pulse bag filter is mainly composed of upper box body, middle box body, lower box body and spraying system. Their respective production characteristics are as follows:

      1. Upper box: it is composed of upper cover and static air outlet. General small dust removal equipment manufacturers use single cover plate, large dust removal equipment manufacturers use double cover plate, dust collector is negative pressure, and the sealing surface is close to the sealing effect is good.

      2, box body: by the flower plate, dust filter bag, filter bag frame, Vente tube, our company flower plate using laser processing, to ensure the aperture, hole location and flatness. Dust filter bag and flower plate with very reasonable, to ensure that the filter bag in the dust collector's operation process, strict and firm not to drop the bag, and convenient and fast in the disassembly. The dust removal frame is made of carbon steel, with smooth surface and no burrs. It is made from the assembly line. All the solder joints and melting points are very firm. Dust removal frame can be galvanized, plastic spraying and silicone treatment according to customer's working conditions.

      3, the box body: composed of air inlet, legs, ash discharge device and inspection door, ash discharge device can be based on the amount of dust capacity, weight, the temperature of the outlet material, the size of the pressure, viscosity, corrosion and other technical parameters for the correct choice, several commonly used ash discharge device are:

      (1) board valve -- installed in the lower part of the ash hopper of the pulse dust collector as a regular ash discharge, can be used alone, can also be used with other ash discharge valves, can be made into manual board valve, pneumatic board valve, electric board valve.

      (2) steering valve (three-way discharge valve) -- when two ways of alternating discharge are needed, this discharge valve is used instead of manual adjustable slip pipe, which is good for dustproof.

      (3) single layer flap valve -- usually used as the middle lock valve of two kinds of unloader, generally not used alone, the flap valve produced by our company adopts new sealing material in the shaft, which can effectively prevent dust from entering.

      (4) Double-layer flap valve -- used as dust collector and air discharge unloader to unload and lock air. Intermittent unloading, intermittent time can be adjusted by the counterweight. Because of its cheap price, easy maintenance, long service life, to promote the use of good.

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