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      Does environmental protection equipment dust collector need to do external insulation?

      The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:685  Date of Issue:2021-11-22

      Does environmental protection equipment dust collector need to do insulation? Surely many users have this question, today feng Earth environmental protection xiaofeng answer for you! And why do you make insulation? Actually in the insulation system of dust collector, pipeline and dust removal equipment installation of insulation is a good dust removal equipment, in order to cover the purpose on the one hand is to prevent gas condensation, condensation in a system, the corruption of the material and powder agglomeration effect of powder transport, on the other hand is heat insulation and sound insulation effect, can reduce the effects of dust removal equipment of the outside world and nuisance.

      Therefore, the dust removal system of pipes and equipment must do external heat preservation, especially in areas with large temperature differences and working conditions, as for the degree of heat preservation, mainly depends on the temperature and composition of flue gas, pipeline and dust removal equipment production material, as well as other restrictions on the dust removal system.

      So what's the right way to keep it warm?

      1, bag dust collector insulation layer thickness is generally 100MM, each reinforcement is 50MM, thermal insulation material selection of high temperature glass wool (TYPE1000, δ=50), in the thickness of two layers of laying, layer should be staggered, staggered interval is not less than a third of the length or width of the plate, spelling should be precise leveling, The outer layer of high temperature glass wool should be laid with galvanized hexagon iron tribulus, and then pressed with self-locking gaskets. A steel plate net is laid at the small ash hopper under the ash hopper of pulse bag type dust collector, and then pressed by a self-locking gasket.

      2, the insulation layer should be waterproof, fire prevention, thermal insulation group plane smooth elegant (after thermal insulation plane but leakage reinforcement, reinforcement and outer protection plate flush, the outer layer of the atmosphere activity layer insulation layout) does not affect the use of dust accessories.

      3. The insulation layout requires the deployment of self-locking gaskets at least 8 per square meter, and the degree of pulling core aluminum rivets is biased to the spacing of 200MM. Used in any climate, so the laying of the shell screen is conducive to drainage. Guard against damage to dust bag. The layout requires no less than 8 self-locking gaskets per square meter, and the degree of core-pulling aluminum rivets is biased to the spacing of 200MM.

      4. The joints of the inner layer of the insulation surface shall be staggered, and there shall be no holes between the layers and the joints. The insulation density shall ensure that the density of the insulation shall not collapse in the permanent operation. In order to guarantee the uniform appearance of the outer property of the metal shield layer, the metal skeleton should be properly set up to support the metal shield layer. The thermal insulation material is made of high temperature glass wool with a bulk density of 32 kg per cubic meter.

      5, the insulation material must be satisfied with the insulation performance, guarantee the insulation (the temperature is not higher than 25 degrees, the external temperature of the insulation layout is not above 50 degrees; When the ambient temperature is higher than 25 ° C, the external temperature of the thermal insulation layout is 25 ° C higher than the ambient temperature. Thermal insulation layout in the planned use of life should guarantee complete, in the process of use is not allowed to appear burned out, corruption, peeling signs. Insulation layout should be sufficient machine strength, in the dead weight, vibration, wind and snow under the action of additional loads will not be destroyed.

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