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      Common problems and solutions of dust removal equipment

      The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:597  Date of Issue:2021-11-22

      Causes and troubleshooting of dust removal equipment:

      (1) Pulse valve does not work

      The reasons may be: (1) power failure or dust cleaning controller failure; (2) There are debris in the pulse valve, has been leaking; (3) pulse valve coil burned out; The compressed air pressure is too low.

      Methods of elimination: (1) restore the power supply or repair the cleaning controller; ② Carefully clean the pulse valve; Replace the pulse valve coil; ④ Check the air system and compressor.

      (2) Filter bag cleaning and replacement

      In the process of using the filter bag, the filter cloth may become stiff due to the high dust viscosity, which leads to the dust collector affecting the dust removal effect. After the above situation occurs, the filter bag should be removed from the dust collector and the surface of the filter cloth should be washed with clean water. After washing, the filter cloth can be used again after drying. The cleaning cycle of the filter bag is determined by the user according to the dust nature of the unit and the frequency of the dust collector. Under normal circumstances, the filter bag will be gradually damaged after a year of use, the main reason is the abrasion of dust, high temperature, high humidity caused by the deterioration of filter material. Dust collector can not use broken filter bag for work, otherwise it will affect the dust removal effect. Users should replace the filter bag in time.

      (3) Large operating resistance

      The reasons may be: (1) the filter bag is stiff; (2) pulse valve does not work or is damaged; (3) compressed air pressure is too low; (4) when the pulse valve works, the lift valve is not strictly closed; ⑤ One or more riser valves are in the closed state.

      Elimination methods: (1) clean the filter bag and strengthen ventilation; Maintain or replace the pulse valve; (3) Check the air route and air compressor; ④ Check the dust cleaning controller.

      (4) Small operation resistance

      The reasons may be: (1) short circuit of flue gas; ② Filter bag damaged.

      Elimination method: (1) check the pipeline and repair welding the damaged place; Check and replace the filter bag.

      Pulse dust collector adopts sub-chamber off-line pulse ash cleaning technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of reverse air blowing ash cleaning and general pulse ash cleaning.

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