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      Treatment of smoke from pulse bag filter

      The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:634  Date of Issue:2021-11-22

      Pulse bag filter In the process of running there is always a lot of problem, at the time of filter operation failure for the sake of our operator won't appear at a loss when fault occurs, we for the fault of the pulse bag dust catcher total "ash", when the problems we need to do?

      When our operators see the pulse bag dust removal equipment dust, the first thing we have to do _ is to stop the operation of the dust collector, the dust collector closed. Then we check the cause of dust catcher, generally dust catcher ash is instantaneous "ash" and continued "ash". Continuous ash is generally due to serious dust bag damage or dust bag binding off there is a reason _ is the pulse bag dust collector hanging mouth and flower board, flower board and flower board between the link is not tight enough caused by the leakage of dust. The instant "ash" is the ash appearing in the filter bag of dust collector when the damage is not serious.

      Pulse bag filter appears "ash", we should how to check which filter bag damage? According to the air outlet ash and electromagnetic pulse valve, pulse controller action when the corresponding number of bits to determine which dust removal bag damage, you can also use a flashlight from the box body view which dust removal bag leakage. If dust filter bag seriously damaged _ to be replaced, to under the condition of the filter to stop working for most of the dust bag for replacement, to remove the controller to make dust bag is closed, open at the top of the manhole door, remove frame and then put the bag is a flowing spring coil pinched into concave, pull up dust bag, _ Clean up the dust from the hole in the flower board _ New dust bag can be installed. If it is just a moment of "dust", we can use the same method above to find out the damaged filter bag. The filter bag is not damaged seriously, we can repair the filter bag.

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