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      How often does the pulse bag filter clean the dust?

      The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:637  Date of Issue:2021-11-19

      Pulse bag dust collector as the usual application of cloth bag type dust collector machine equipment, it is in a special period of time in the direction of dust bag or outside the gas producer compact gas, in order to eliminate dust bag dust collector equipment. Pulse bag filter applied at ordinary times there are a variety of ways, in terms of its single pulse gas generator bearing and blocking the azimuth in cyclone is different, can be divided into inverse spray type, suitable spray type and spray type three kinds, gas generator structure of the pulse electromagnetic valve end to tighten gas gas bag, and the other end is injection boiler blowpipe, pulse electromagnetic valve is be chamber pressure control valve, Monopulse manipulator controls the valve and pulse solenoid valve is opened, but although the method of gasifier is not the same, but the basic principle and ash removal system software of the monopulse gasifier is about the same, most of which is composed of monopulse control surface, gasifier mechanism, gas bag and atomizing nozzle. The cycle time of overthinking ash removal of bag pulse dust collector is composed of three parts:

      1. In the early stage of dust removal, there is less dust on the surface of the dust bag.

      2, in addition to the end of the dust overconsideration, when the dust bag surface adhesion of a layer of thick dust, dust dust vapor body is from the outside to the inside according to the dust bag, because there is a stainless steel wire structure support point, then the dust bag appearance show polygon.

      3, single pulse gas generator in addition to ash, gas generator cyclone is from inside to outside counter-blowing, and then the dust layer adhesion dust bag surface blown off, then the dust bag shows the annular shape.

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