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      Yancheng Jishengda take you to understand the working principle and performance characteristics of efficient sand separator

      The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:593  Date of Issue:2021-11-19

      The utilization rate of raw materials, the adaptability of sand to concrete, the classification of sand, the composition of sand particles, the dust in the process of sand making, and the powder content of sand are all the problems to be solved by every machine-made sand production enterprise. We put forward our own solutions to control the powder content of machine-made sand, the classification of sand in the process of storage and transportation, and how to use the powder separator to remove the powder.

      I. Working principle of sand making and powder selecting machine

      System sand classifier is specialized technology development personnel for the original rotor classifier, double rotor classifier, three separate classifier combined with suspended technology, on the basis of preliminary classification technology and eddy current classification technology, comprehensive O - sepa classifier, the principle of independent development of efficient choose powder equipment, designed to cement the new standard design, the specific surface area, control more convenient, It is mainly used in cement industry raw material, cement ring flow grinding process, at the same time in chemical, metallurgy and other industrial sectors also has a wide range of applications.

      Two. Performance characteristics of sand making and powder selecting machine

      (1) New patent design, set suspension and dispersion technology, pre-classification technology, plane eddy current technology in one, designed for the new cement standard, powder selection efficiency and specific surface area greatly improved, is the updated product of the rotor powder separator.

      (2) optimize the structure of powder selection chamber, reasonably control the rising wind speed, change and control fineness, effectively improve the strength of cement.

      (3) The new efficient material spreading device, dispersing uniform cloth, scattering suspension, full contact with air flow, greatly improve the dispersion performance.

      (4) The use of high efficiency and low resistance cyclone dust collector, reduce the system fluid resistance, improve the dust collection efficiency.

      (5) The powder separator can carry out stepless speed regulation.

      (6) Multi-level lining protection extends the service life of the host.

      (7) Adopt sheet turbine rotating cage, fineness adjustment sensitive, convenient and reliable.

      Fine powder is produced more or less in the process of limestone being processed into sand. Sand containing more powder will increase the water consumption of concrete, affect the performance of concrete and increase the cost. Too little powder in sand will reduce the compactness of concrete, and also affect the performance of concrete and increase the cost, which requires that the powder content of sand be controlled within a certain range in the production process, and the standard also makes strict provisions on the powder content of machine-made sand.

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