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      Technical Consultation139-6208-6422

      Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD

      Address:18 Wenjing Road, Beijiang Industrial Park, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

      Contacts:Mr Li

      Mobile phone:13962086422 





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      Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, which is known as "China environmental protection base". Here, the yellow Sea is in the east, the lake is in the west, the xinchang Railway, ningjingsalt highway extends from here, water, land and air transportation is convenient. The hospitable local conditions and customs, the rich cultural heritage and the beautiful and rich star of Northern Jiangsu make many guests and friends at home and abroad linger and forget to return.

      Yancheng Jishengda Environmental protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and research of building materials, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and has production, sales, maintenance and other one-stop services and provide a complete set of flue gas dust treatment process equipment. The company has excellent production equipment, strong technical force, high-quality management and R & D team, long-term commitment to building materials industry energy-saving and environmental protection equipment production research and development, is the domestic professional engaged in building materials machinery, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment production and sales of manufacturers. Adhering to technological innovation, the company has formed three pillar industries of environmental protection equipment and environmental protection engineering technology, powder selection equipment and grinding technology, drying equipment and drying engineering technology. Now we have more than 20 property rights patents: rotary kiln professional bag dust collector, large line spraying pulse long bag dust collector, efficient eddy current separator, coal mill dynamic separator, efficient double rotor separator, three cylinder dryer, circulation reciprocating multi-cylinder dryer and so on. In domestic large and medium-sized cement plant, steel plant, power plant, smelter widely put into production and use, and exported to Vietnam, Syria and other places are well received! Companies adhere to the concept of innovation, adhering to: "to fine, to good, sincere" business philosophy, to meet the needs of all walks of life product users. In good faith to provide our customers with site survey, process design, equipment production, installation and commissioning and other all-round services.

      Jishengda company in line with the principle of "innovation is the first productive force", is committed to innovation and development, absorbing the leading technology at home and abroad, accumulated; We firmly believe that "the market is the standard to test everything, and the customer is the judge of everything". We listen to every customer's opinions and suggestions with an open mind, and make frequent return visits to interact with customers. Firmly believe in the "service extension value", urgent customer urgent, think customer think, business achievement friendship, friendship affects the market. On this basis, the company and the nanjing institute of chemical industry, shandong institute of building materials, yancheng institute of technology, domestic cement design institute and a number of scholars, professor cooperate, insisting on dust control, energy-saving renovation as the leading development of the company wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide high quality products, comprehensive, careful, sincere service to the customers.


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