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      Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD

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      Do you know the structure characteristics of pulse single machine dust collector?

      Due to the volume of a single pulse dust collector is relatively smaller, in the use of the installation process can be more save installation area, and can improve on the efficiency, the key is that it can make more good dust removal effect, widely used in various kinds of metallurgical industry used for air purification treatment or is achieve more effective role in recovery of useful material.

      How to install efficient eddy current separator?

      First, the preparation work before installation;1. Check whether all parts of the equipment are complete according to the delivery list.2. Prepare all kinds of tools for equipment installation, such as lifting tools, oxygen, acetylene, welding machine, etc.3. Prepare all kinds of materials needed for installation, such as steel plate, 20 # channel steel, non-standard fan pipe, etc.

      The standard on which dust removers are designed

      1, ambient air quality standard (GB3095-1996) Ambient air quality classification and classification(1) The first category is nature reserves, scenic spots and other areas requiring special protection. The first class area carries out the first class air quality standard.The second category is residential area, mixed area of commercial transportation and residents, cultural area, general industrial area and rural area determined in town planning. Second class areas to implement the air quality standards.

      How to carry out energy saving transformation of industrial dryer?

      Method of energy-saving reform of the industrial dryer: when you buy after using for a period of industrial dryer, is found that the biggest problem is not energy saving, energy saving renovation, if after can greatly improve the machine production, reduce the coal consumption, on the advice of the Asia Pacific mining machinery network technology, the industrial dryer here today should pay attention to the problem of the reform to introduce the next. The internal transformation of the dryer is very important. The investment in the internal transformation of the dryer is not big, and it is relatively simple, but it is necessary to understand the structural principle of the dryer, the kinds of drying materials and the situation of the supporting dust collector, and develop feasible transformation plan based on the daily experience summarized.
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